...About Timberwolf

Our sister company: P.F.E. FIRST AID TRAINING SERVICES LTD started the ball rolling by opening retail premises in the Byram Arcade, Huddersfield back in 1999 and selling First Aid equipment and Survival equipment to compliment its already nationally established First Aid at Work courses.

In fact our very first customer was a gentleman who was off that very day trekking in the Himalayas and came in for a First Aid kit. Over the following months more and more customers came into our shop asking for specific pieces of equipment or clothing. Often we did not have it in stock, so we offered a personal service to find the item and bring it into the shop for them.

As things developed we needed more space for our outdoor activities, so we expanded from one unit to three units. We then decided that this side of the business was growing so fast that it really needed its own company name and so we created the name TIMBERWOLF OUTDOOR LEISURE LTD - we thought that the Timberwolf was a good example of an animal who can survive some of the harshest temperatures, enjoys the company of his friends in the pack and lives a life full of adventure - hallmarks of what our company does best.

Today we offer clothing, footwear and equipment from a multitude of different suppliers. We have gone back to our roots of staying small but expanding via our website in order to meet customer demand from around the globe. We try to offer a very helpful and personal service to all our customers.

We offer a tuning service for skis and snowboards in our on-site workshop, we rent both clothing and equipment for ski and snowboarding holidays, for indiviudlas and schools, in fact whatever your outdoor needs are we can probably help and serve you in some way to help meet your needs and requirements.

Our e-commerce site is a great place to find bargains with more than 95% of the stock listed at great discount prices. Looking for something that we are not listing? Then do not heistate to ring us direct for more information or email us with your questions.

As Timberwolf Outdoor Leisure has now laid down solid foundations we are looking to take it to the next level of expansion. Being a family run business there are limits placed on us as to how far we can expand. We think the time is right for additional expansion and a consolidation of the brand into specific areas of expertise. To that end therefore we are sending
out an open invitation for potential investors to come and look at Timberwolf with a view to taking on either a proactive hands-on stance in the company or solely an investment hands-off role. If this is of interest to you and you would like more information, please get in contact with one of the Directors on the number shown on our website or contact us via email.

Want to enjoy the Great Outdoors? - then let TIMBERWOLF OUTDOOR LEISURE make it happen for you.